In a dream

everything blue

our faces were one

mutual eyes

still blurred

grew your hair

your expression

taught my face

opened my mind

wasn't scared

fluid mixture

much commotion 

everything still blue

but me.

Crawl under a flyover

collecting cities in pockets

discarding ones forgotten 

 forage for more

emptied once again

sifting through

selected sense of home.

Why do I often

get the broken travel seat

Is it to test my anxious mind

mental imbalance and now 

unfixed cheeks kept alert

never too comfortable

drift off forget where I am

or a selfish act on my part

purposefully or innocently

triggered stream of coincidences

leading to my wobbled body

I stare around the carriage

fixed bodies and faces

glued to phones to pages

so still, unhindered in travel

lower back sinks

moulded into ill posture

 a conditioned form

from social norm

neck arched

face down

shoulders bent

slipping hips

so we can ingest

our technological meal 

on the move.  

Symbolic systematic felled tries

cracked neck from barber's chair

career course impromptu life choices

misdemeanour or mean demeanour

distressed uncontested opinions left

digital scrutiny emotionally ridiculed 

swiped up sentiment pressed deeper

moments unjust mulled components

appeared peers now nowhere.




Legless addict at the feet of disbelief

wonder why things stay stagnant

for to trespass a tyrant mind blocker

the creative flood builds up behind him

discrete drips seep through unseen, unknown

even to themselves, they exchange glances

connected in ways and diluted in others

reminiscent of past times, past eyes, seeing

what is now understood as the power of love

to produce a proud hand in a close future

extend a self to the man I know I am.

We are all people

nor by measure equal

less deceitful

more deluded



I have regret

yet still forget

less life lived

more than I think.

A reckless fear of love

despondency of intuition

true force of giving

invitation to the unknown

hate drawn trough speculation


a thought to teleport

content with the contents

relate not be relative

always a fleeting weak kneed feeling

undress persistance

journey in

help yourself out

only then will opposing spirits 

fully ease in confidence.